CRYPTASSIST – The All In One Crypto Solution

As the name suggests, Cryptassist is a blockchain solution that allows users to have access to four basic services. These are; crypto exchange, e-commerce, blockchain browsing and an on-platform fun activity.

CRYPTASSIST Token Distribution


Token Ticker: CTA
Algorithm: DAG
ICO Dates: Complete
Current CTA Price: 1 CTA=$0.38
Transaction Fee: 0
Coin Supply: 88 million CTA
Soft Cap: Already Achieved
Hard Cap: $23.67 million
Accepted: 100 Digital coins, Fiat Money and Internet Money Deposits

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The Cryptassist Blockchain Features

  • Cryptassist Debit Card

When users qualify for the KYC stage, they will be issued with a Debit Card. The card will be directly linked to the blockchain exchange where any conversion of the CTA is reflected on the pre-paid debit card account. The card will be vital for offline and online transactions and also ensure that users have the liquidity over their CTA tokens.

Moreover, the card will be able to hold over 50 different cryptocurrencies to enable users to invest in ICOs, trade in crypto marketplaces, and so on.

  • Cryptassist CryptoGo

The blockchain will have a feature that allows new blockchain users to play a fun game- Pokemon Go- and earn real CTA tokens. This aspect will assist the developers to airdrop the CTA in various sections of the world and globalize the platform.

The feature will run on the model of Augmented Reality (AR) technology that utilizes data, immersive sensations via smartphone cameras, etc. for the creation of real-world connections. This will add fun to the mining process that has the potential to earn a beginner investor the much-needed CTA token.

  • The Cryptassist Exchange

This feature will enable users to have liquidity over their CTA tokens as well as the on-platform peer-to-peer transfer of CTA. The exchange will power the Debit Card and ensure those network participants have the ability to buy goods and services as well as access mainstream financial services in the economy.

The exchange will be user-friendly, rewarding by giving a discount to CTA backed transactions, offer over 50 digital coins options, etc. The wallet is secured by the Google 2FA and cutting-edge security features to ensure that third parties cannot access it.

Further, the crypto exchange will also provide real-time balance updates in record time because of the Direct Acyclic Graph (DAC) that is pivotal for faster data processing. With efficient on-platform data navigation.

  • Cryptassist Multi-Block Explorer

The blockchain has an exchange platform for trading for various digital coins. This requires a developed feature to track the transaction of various cryptocurrencies. The Cryptassist multi-block explorer is vital in ensuring that users can search the history of each coin either concurrently or individually without affecting the performance of other features.

Like the explorer, the feature is enabled by the DAG protocol that minimizes the time taken to carry out any blockchain activity, crypto exploration being one of them.

The Team

Cryptassist team is headed by the CTO Imran Rahman. He is assisted by a team of financial analysts, public relations, marketing, Core developers, iOS developers, and other experts. The composition of the team reflects the solutions that the blockchain is offering.

CRYPTASSIST Token Sale Dates


Cryptassist is a blockchain solution that offers users cutting-edge financial solutions through the pre-paid debit card, far-reaching crypto exchange, a multi-block explorer, and fun activities with real payouts.