ENVION- Off-Grid Blockchain Mining

Swiss-based ICO mining company Envion promises to be the “future of decentralized blockchain infrastructure”, advertising things such as their mobile mining CSC containers, ready for deployment at any energy source “off the grid”. They take advantage of the collapse of solar panel prices, utilizing them as an essentially free resource for their company.


  • Token: EVN
  • Price: 1 EVN = 0.7 – 1 USD
  • Bonus: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Country: Switzerland

They plan to take on things such as government regulations, fixed locations tied to energy supplies, high energy costs, and low sustainability. Claims suggest that the solar power industry in in such desperation, that they are essentially paying Envion to use them and bring revenue to the green energy solution.

The current exchange rate for their token, the EVN token, is one dollar to one-hundred and fifty million dollars.

Similar to Swissborg, Envion tries to use the currency as an incentive to get the community involved and help make the decisions they want to make. It’s a nobel concept, but the difference here is that Swissborg offered an entirely different currency for this purpose, whereas Envion wants you to spend the real tokens you have to take part in the voting. Envion’s primary focus seems to be taking the mobile mining CSC containers to the solar energy plants, get the energy for cheap so they can host cheaply using green energy, and brag of their patented cooling system that keeps everything running smoothly. Because of this business model, they have raised just over one million dollars in pre-sale from thirty-thousand investors from around the world.

The problem with this model, as cited by many consumers, is that some things in the white page just don’t add up. If the company motto is to make the most environmentally efficient method of producing power to their servers, the solar pods should be farmed together closely, rather than spread out all over the planet. On top of that, the white pages uses a lot of buzz words that make it seem like “guaranteed” profit is something you can look forward to seeing with your investment, and with any investment opportunity, that is not the case.


This is not a business of guarantees, it is a business of risk versus reward. Only put in what you are willing to lose. Envion also spends a lot of time focusing and refocusing on the idea of decentralization, which is something that (without proper strategy) can cause the company to see the opposite success of ICOs like Bitcoin.

Something about the cooling system bothers me; it’s used as a selling point, claiming to be forty percent more efficient than traditional data centers. To quote an article from Medium ”I’d say, if you have the most efficient cooling system in the world, screw the mining business. Sell your license to other miners and the Googles and Amazons of the world.” (Cited here: https://medium.com/the-mission/crypto-mining-icos-whitepapers-review-hydrominer-ice-rock-miner-and-envion-d6a50c1ba781). For me, the company has too many ups and downs. 2/5. Envion Whitepaper