19th September 2018 will be a great day in the cryptocurrency market as one of the biggest conferences in this market will be going down in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is the 6th edition of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which is not only dedicated to the cryptocurrencies but also to the Initial Coin Offerings and the blockchain.

Why Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference?

For anyone who has been struggling with questions such as; what is Blockchain, as well as other related topics, this is the best place to have those questions answered. The conference will also expound on why Ukraine stand a better chance of developing to an ideological hub of the international Bitcoin and Blockchain community.

Smile Expo has organized this great world event to try and bring together various insights from market stakeholders, effective case studies, business opportunities and innovations that have been carried out in this market. The conference will also bring together various government officials and open as many networking opportunities as possible. All these will be going down in Kyiv, Ukraine on 19th September 2018.

The Specialized Blocks

To ensure that all important topics are covered in this important event, the topics have been subdivided into various blocks. The specialized blocks will bring the participants together to discuss the following issues:

• The prospects of the virtual currency market and the ongoing regulation of digital assets and the conventional finances

• Various blockchain and innovative technologies like the Web 3.0, Big Data, IOT, and the Artificial Intelligence

• The secrets of tokenization and how it can be made better

• How blockchain can be used as a great cyber security tool

• The review of market token sale

• The strategies of the cryptocurrency business; with advise from various market experts

• The cross-market applications of the blockchain technologies

• Forecasts for both the Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain evolution

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018, Kyiv

Each of the classified blocks will be made up of at least two presentations. In 2017, this conference attracted more than a thousand attendees as well as over fifty exhibitors.
And just like the 2017’s conference, this year’s edition is expected the latest solutions in some of the problems faced on the cryptocurrency market.

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Participants will also have an opportunity to talk with the Chief Executive Officers and various project founders. The main networking platform will be made up of developers, entrepreneurs, as well as investors from Ukraine and other countries.

The Speakers

This event will have speakers who are experts in various sectors of this market. They are drawn from Ukraine and other countries. They will consist of founders of startups, initiative authors, financial analysts, as well as senior government officials.

Who are invited for this Event?

This conference is open to investors, innovative business representatives, marketing experts, lawyers, as well as corporate representatives. In short, Blockchain and Blockchain Conference, 2018 is open to those who want to advance the level of efficiency and innovations in their areas of service.

This will be the best place for establishing some of the most important contacts for someone who wants to network and expand their businesses ventures. To reserve a chance, check the registration details here