EPHELANTS360 – Democratizing Film & TV Production

What is Ephelants360?

Ephelants360 is a project for the film and TV production system promising to improve the production process by making it more cost-effective, efficient, and streamlined. Apart from allowing the projects to be realized faster, the new solution will also make them more profitable. Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will power Ephelants360.

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E360 token
Token Symbol: XEP
Pre-sale dates: July 26 – Nov 21, 2018
Main sale dates: Nov 22, 2018 to Jan 2, 2019
Tokens available for sale: 6B XEP
Price per token: 1 XEP = $0.01 / 1BTC = 770,000 XEP / 1 STRAT = 250 XEP
Soft Cap: 720M XEP
Currencies accepted: BTC, STRAT, and other over 50 Altcoins

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How Ephelants360 Will Achieve Its Goal

Ephelants360 is software that has been developed using AI and blockchain technology to replace the current content production process in all stages. Through the use of AI, logic will always persist in areas such as production teambuilding, recruitment, and choosing profitable screenplays among others.

The use of blockchain technology will provide transparency on the platform. This will allow all the stakeholders to have updated information and give them control in the projects they are involved in. The use of dApps will see a massive improvement in production time, efficiency and cost saving.

Ephelants360 will run on a tokenized eco-system allowing for the development of reward models. The use of tokens will motivate the community on the platform. They will also be used to pay for subscriptions, tasks, and jobs.

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Benefits Associated With Ephelants360

Ephelants360 will rely on AI in its algorithmic selection process. This will eliminate the need for gatekeepers and reduce human error leading to the production of high-quality content.

The use of the smart contract in the project will bring the much-needed data transparency in the film and TV production system. This will support risk balancing. Consequently, there will be an improvement in investor confidence.

Ephelants360 will eliminate the need for endless meetings. This will allow those involved in the content production to spend more time in improving the content. There will also be the introduction of the production dApps. This will lead to the production of more content which will create more job opportunities.

Ephelants360 On Social Media

You can learn more about Ephelants360 by joining their Facebook page. The company also has a Twitter account where they keep their followers updated. You can also interact with the company’s officials and other people interested in the project on the Telegram channel. They have a YouTube channel where they share every detail of the project.


Annually, the film industry spends about US$240 billion buying broadcasting content. This expenditure is growing at an annual rate of 10 percent. The current system does not have the capacity to produce large quantities of the desired high quality. The system is also complex and lacks transparency. Raising funds for any project is a challenge to directors, producers, and even the writers.

Ephelants360 is a project that will disrupt the entire film industry by making it easy for all parties involved to play their role. It will now be easier to raise funds for any project under the new platform. Once launched, the project will bring enormous benefits to all those in the film industry.