7BTCX, the Swedish ICO, is the platform that Bitcoin (BC) uses to buy and sell its currency. Having been in the business for five years and being the longest supporter of BC on the market, BTCX is, as their website calls it, an “digital currency veteran” (cited here – https://bt.cx/en/). BTCX prides itself on its customer service model, letting its reputation do the advertising for them.


  • Token: BTCx
  • Price: 1 BTCX = 0.2 USD
  • Bonus: No Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH



They claim they can’t be beat in enthusiasm and charisma, and will always answer your inquiry within sixty minutes. Surprisingly enough, despite Bitcoin being the name to chase in cryptocurrency, there is very little information out their on BTCX. They provide a step-by-step guide on how to buy and sell Bitcoin through their website for those who are unsure if they want to take the plunge, linked here – https://bt.cx/en/how-to-buy-bitcoin-guide/.

The dynamics behind Bitcoin are interesting, even if they are not unique. Many people choose to buy Bitcoin once they notice it’s on the rise, and then sit on that capitol until they (think they will) strike millions.

This year especially has been a talkative one for Bitcoin as value raised to the thousands early this January, sparking a surge of interest in cryptocurrencies. Along with this boom of interest came the boom of scams, and one such article I found interesting helps keep you safe by determining whether a site deserves your Bitcoin business or not, linked here – https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-scam-test/.


BTCX as a platform is very basic, essentially the Bitcoin shopping cart. You say what you want, you pay for it, and that’s about it. The simplicity is great, but the language is greek to those not seasoned in the craft, and I find that to be a huge weakness of Bitcoin’s. They don’t aim for the lower audience, they rely on their name and reputation alone to get new views and new investors, without really encouraging them to do so or making it easy. Even their how-to guide consists of a lot of industry gibberish that the common man would skip over. So while Bitcoin is the money everyone wants, and the currency every crypto aspires to be, BTCX as a platform is just not that great. There’s not enough to it, it doesn’t do enough to grab you and hold your hand, something I think is essential the more popular cryptos become in 2018.

Bitcoin gets the 5/5, it’s the golden standard for success, but BTCX is gonna get the 1/5 for its near-nonexistence, whose only purpose is to be your Amazon shopping cart when you’re ready to commit. If you’re already involved in the Bitcoin market, you’ve had a pretty great year, but as the Bitcoin stays high and shows little sign of slowing down, it becomes harder and harder to get involved for aspiring investors. I say it a lot, but only invest what you’re willing to lose. Learn it, memorize it.