IAT – Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities

The IAT Blockchain is being developed to solve problems in the real estate industry of the Philippines. The main aim of the development team is to offer a platform where property buyers, leasers, renters, sellers and other professionals can interact with each other directly with an aim of faster and transparent transactions.

IAT Token Allocation


Token: IA
Price of Token: 1 IA= 0.01 USD
Token Supply: 4,500,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
Type of Token: ERC20
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: 40,000,000 IA
Hard Cap: $20,000,0000
Pre-Sales Dates: April 2018
Crowdsale Start Date: 15th June 2018
Minimum Contribution: 1 ETH
Country: Philippines

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The Background To The Issues

The Global Real estate industry is worth $210 trillion. This figure is inclusive of agricultural lands, commercial property, residential property and industrial land. The lucrative nature of the industry is a hot magnet to many speculative investors who are aiming to make the best out of their savings and loans.

However, entry into the industry has many barriers to challenges such as:

• High capital requirements
• Restrictive financial regulations to secure mortgages
• Restrictions on foreign ownership
• Exorbitant upfront fees
• High taxes on resale
• Risky transfer of ownership
• Lack of transparency

IAT Token

The IAT Solution

The IAT program is to be rolled out in the Philippines real estate industry, which is a replica of most real estate markets in the world. This is because the real estate sector in the country has both high end, medium value and average value properties that virtually represent the situation in various markets.

The IAT group is currently running an asset management market, therefore, they are better placed to understand the inefficiencies and solve the long-standing challenges that market participants grapple with in day-to-day operations.

These solutions will, in the long run, maximize the expected profits of the property market. Buyers will have access to a huge portfolio of assets to select property to purchase, lease or rent.

IAT ChannelsThe Benefits of Using the IAT Network

1. Reduced Transaction Costs

Reports show that property costs are sometimes inflated to highs of as much as 24%. The Blockchain will eliminate the market inefficiencies and allow the buyers to know the real value of the assets to avoid getting duped.

2. Integrity and Security

In most cases, corrupt individuals in cahoots with real estate agents have forged documents and ended up stealing property from the rightful owners through court battles. The Blockchain documents cannot be altered and therefore safe from malicious alterations.

3. Transparency of Transfer

The blockchain will seal the transfer of assets and act as the authentic proof of ownership to the particular investors.

4. Time and Costs Savings

In most cases, property transactions are lengthy, bureaucratic and tiresome. The IAT blockchain is offering faster transaction times for the benefits of both property owners and buyers.

The Blockchain Users

• Property Agents/Sellers
• Property Buyers
• IA token investors
• IA Tokens for on-platform proof of work/authority.


The IAT Blockchain is solving the inefficiencies of real estate transactions. The platform will make it possible for agents and sellers to transfer property rights to buyers, leasers, and sellers. Each party will use the IA tokens as the medium of exchange to ensure that the value of each transaction is fair and up to par with the market rates.