Credits, with its unfortunately average name and 1100 payments from seven-hundred users, is an ICO that takes another crack at decentralization. An underwhelming, under-informative website and an underwhelming business roadmap, things don’t look great at first for Credits.


  • Token: ERC20
  • Price: 1 CS = 0.19 USD (0.00020 ETH)
  • Bonus: UP TO 30%
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Country: Singapore

It does brag about its technical capabilities never seen in any other ICO before; a claim I’ve seen on almost every ICO I investigate. To give them credit, they do have an extremely fast operations-per-second ratio (boasting one-million-per-second, although many users disprove this claim) and cheaper transaction fees than most sites. The advertising video is… less than stellar, to put it nicely. A quick search on Youtube and you’ll find poor sound and picture quality, paid promotion, and a dog that barks in the background throughout the entire video, making it feel unprofessional, as if shot in someone’s home.

Instead of relying on users to determine the market, Credits advertises an algorithm that learns from the market and takes control of it from there, finding the consensus of amongst users and applying the right actions as it sees most beneficial.

The major draw here seems to be the one-million transactions per second, as it is repeated many times on both its website and white paper, claiming it to be the biggest problem plaguing the industry; too many people, not enough bandwidth and speed.



Whether or not this is true, a brief glance at the comments shows how outrageous and unrealistic a claim like one-million transactions per second is, and if that’s the main leg that Credits stands on, I don’t have a lot of hope for its future. It’s hard to take anything I read directly from their website at face-value, claiming things such as a three second operation time, cheap operation costs at lest than a cent, and advanced, balanced security without the use of mining. My favorite part of the site, by far, is the section where it answers the question “Why Credits over anywhere else?”. This answer being, and only being, “…We’re faster.”

Overall the ICO seems like a joke to me. A Singaporean company trying to get on the gravy train while there’s still gravy to be had, without adding anything new or exciting to the train. It does what most basic ICOs do, just faster, and even that is up for debate. If it were my choice, I would stay away from this one and continue on researching. The lack of information both on their website and online suggests to me that this ICO does not have much last ability, and could crash or disappear any day, wasting your time and money.

An easy 1/5 for me, I couldn’t trust my funds to this company and I wouldn’t do it if I were you either. There are plenty of better, more proven options out there in the world, Credits was an unnecessary addition to an already saturated market of ICOs. Choose your ICO wisely, folks. Credits Whitepaper

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