CoTrader ICO Review

CoTrader is a project that is expected to disrupt the global investment funds sector using Blockchain technology to ensure the investors have total control over their assets and support transparent proof of investment performance. The project is expected to benefit both the investors and the project managers, as it will give security to the former as it encourages the latter to work harder.

CoTrader Token


Token Symbol: COT
Public ICO: End of Q2 2018
Max HC: $10M or 20k ETH
Total supply: 100B tokens

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CoTrader ICO investors trade togetherHow CoTrader Will Work

Smart funds are an important part of CoTrader platform as it is an Ethereum smart contract that will be composed of a fund manager, investors, and shares. When an investor contributes a given amount of money in the fund, he or she gets shares that are proportional to his or her contribution. The investors can deposit or withdraw their investments at will. CoTrader (COT) token will be used in trading.

CoTrader will also allow any person to create a smart fund, name it, set the performance fee (around 20 percent), and deposit tokens. The percent of ownership of a given fund is given in shares. Whenever an investor joins a fund, new shares are minted. The profits made in a given fund are shared based on the number of shares. When an investor withdraws or leaves the fund, he or she gets his or her shares less the performance fee for any profits made.

The CoTrader registry smart contract will enable anyone on the platform to become a fund manager. However, such a role will attract a minimum one-time gas charge for the transaction. The fund manager will be earning from the performance. For instance, when a fund makes a 2000 COT profit, the manager gets 20 percent of this profit.

The platform will allow the fund managers to build their own ROI history. The managers have an incentive to work hard as a positive ROI will make them attractive to more investors. This means the fund they manage will expand and if they continue to make profits, their earnings will increase tremendously.

COTRADER CARTHow CoTrader Will Make Profits

CoTrader has the potential of becoming the largest investment funds and trading platform in the world. It will cut 10-20 percent of the fund managers’ profits and another 0.1 percent per trade charged on some services. The projected has targeted a lucrative industry. The global fund management sector is estimated to be worth $85 trillion. Moreover, it is estimated that the daily crypto trading amounts to more than $10 billion.

CoTrader On Social Media

CoTrader is present on both Telegram and Facebook. It uses the social media networks to market itself to prospective investors and customers. The social media has also enabled the public to interact with the company as it allows them to ask any questions they may have about the project.


CoTrader is operating in a large industry that is still growing rapidly. The project is attractive to investors due to the transparency and appealing to project managers as it gives them the potential to earn more. The project is therefore expected to experience rapid growth immediately after its launch.