Qompass – Your Gateway To Financial Markets On The Blockchain

Ask an ordinary person you stop on the streets about the financial markets and 7 out of ten do not know how they work leave alone how they can access them. Many people understand that they can rip huge benefits, but they cower behind the notion that it is too risky. Qompass has a vision to create a gateway to financial markets using a blockchain platform. The platform uses QPS tokens and the token sale is scheduled to begin in April 2018. More so, users of the platform will be able to interact with the company’s payment platform though an app as well as their Qompass card. Your card will function as a wallet allowing you to load it at any tm.

QPS Tokens

  • Token name: QPS/QPSE
  • Payout: IAG Tokens will be sent to your ETH Wallet
  • Total Supply: 33,000,000 Tokens available
  • ICO Price: 1 IAG = $0.8
  • Maximum Purchase: No limit
  • ICO Sale: April 5, 2018
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC ETH
  • Soft Cap: $5,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $10,000,000

The ICO is already underway and if you wish to be part of this revolutionary financial markets solution, you had better start now. The tokens distribution is as follows

  • 5% will be for legal costs
  • 5% for the advisors
  • 10% for marketing
  • 20% for research and development
  • 60% for the crowd sale

Qompass is offering bonuses for the tokens and depending on when you get into the ICO you get various bonuses. Those who get during the first round buying a token for $0.8 you will get a bonus of 20%. Those that get into the ICO during round two will get a 5% bonus. The token allocated to the advisors will be locked for at least one year. Qompass will destroyed all the tokens remaining after the ICO period.

Funds Allocation

Hoping that they get reach the soft cap from the ICO, they have an elaborate plan on how they will distribute the funds. Here is the breakdown of the funds allocation

  • 80% will go towards project development
  • 20% will go to the reserve

With the mobile app and the Qompass wallet, you will be able to earn, transfer, and store your QPS coins. You also get various investment packages being part of the Qompass investors

  • Alpha Package for between $1 and $10000 with a leverage of 40:1 and a 25% performance fee for joining the platform
  • Delta package for between $10001 and $100000 with a 60:1 leverage and a 20%mperformance fee to the platform
  • Omega package for $100001 and above with a 100:1 leverage and a 15% performance to the platform

The Team

The team behind Qompass comprises of 11 members including two lead developers, a venture capital investor a graphics designer, two front-end developers, a backend developer, a systems designer, and app developer, a CTO, a CFO, and Emmanuel Lim the CEO.


When It comes to the opening of crypto accounts, priority will be given to the ICO subscribers and they promise that for every 1 QPS, you will get up to 99 QPS depending on the package you choose. The sale of the tokens is only available at the official Qompass website, where you also will get the white paper. In the meantime, you can join the conversation on Twitter.

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