The Universal Recognition Token is a blockchain solution that provides a platform where employees, employers and employee reward items enthusiasts meet for various services. For instance, employees can auction their corporate rewards, the employers can accumulate the URT tokens and assign them to the deserving employees through direct wallet transfers, and collectors/enthusiasts can browse through the best items for purchase.

The Background

In the USA alone, corporate firms spend more than $90 billion in buying merchandise and cards for employee recognition fetes. Being such an expensive venture, it is expected to have positive Returns on the Investments. However, research shows that that is not the case due to the mismatch.

The effect is counterproductive since it gives the employees an impression that the human resources department does invest the time and energy in knowing their staff.

The Universal Recognition Token is aiming to erase these challenges and provide a platform where every user will benefit from the actions of each other.

Meanwhile, the role of the blockchain technology in offering the solutions is meaningful given the fact that research shows that the Blockchain technology is disrupting the world and is, hence, expected to grow by 65% by the year 2024. Therefore, the role of the blockchain technology in the solution is a guarantee of future relevance.



Token Symbol: URT
Price of token: 1 URT Token = TBA
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Total Tokens: 875,000,000
Total Token Supply: 437,500,000
Type of Token: ERC20
Presale Dates: Q2 2018
Presale Token Price: $0.08
Crowdsale Dates: Q3 2018
Crowdsale Token Price: $0.12
Soft Cap: $3,000,000
Hard Cap: $35,000,000
Whitelist: Yes
Country: USA

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UNIVERSAL RECOGNITION TOKEN3Features of the Blockchain

Intelligent Prize Purveying: The feature will enable the HR departments to survey the non-generic prizes that they can award outstanding employees. It will be based on real time data that reflects the prevailing tastes and preferences and the overall demand of the prize. This will ensure that the employers are able to evoke a surprise feeling on the staff.

Self-Regulating Blockchain: From an employer’s perspective, the Universal Recognition Token Blockchain will be beneficial since it will be eliminating undesired prizing options from the list of items for consideration. Therefore, generic and non-impactful items will be phased out.

Active Community: The Universal Recognition Blockchain has an active community of over 12,400 individuals on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc. This will allow the users to share their experience and improve their on-platform prospects.

Transparency: All the transactions will be secured on ledgers that can be verified to ensure fairness and accountability.

Privacy: To protect the identity of employees selling their prizes, the blockchain will assign unique encryption codes to each user.

Secure: The blockchain is decentralized to protect it from hackers who may be targeting it to steal the URT.


The Team

The CEO is Brendan Ward. He is leading a team of software engineers from ivy league institutions. There is also a team of advisors who work round the clock to ensure that the blockchain operates as per the mission.


The Universal Recognition Token Blockchain is the first marketplace platform for corporate reward merchandise and cards. It is simple to use, secure, beneficial and vital for boosting the productivity of employees at the workplace by making employee awards meaningful and valuable.