VoxelX – Blockchain Powered Medical DICOM Platform

Multidiscipline learning is among the most difficult things for an undergraduate as well as graduate medical student. This is because of the growing volume of information spread across different sources. VoxelX is a company that aims to revolutionize multidiscipline learning by offering DICOM (digital imaging and communications in medicine) a blockchain powered online platform aimed at simulating medical learning. Since 2013, VoxelX has been working on implementing DICOM images in medical e-learning with a focus on radiology.

The platform is based on a community and it offers the members the chance to share cases and information privately or publicly. The platform has various categories from learners, publishers, and validators. The members will use the social media feature on the platform for interaction. To expand their services, VoxelX are offering GRAY coins to enable the monetization of the content and create incentives for publishers and validators to motivate them into building and expanding the community platform.

VoxelX Token Features

  • Token name: VoxelX GRAY Tokens
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Payout: VoxelX GRAY tokens will be sent to your ETH wallet
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000 VoxelX GRAY tokens
  • Price: 1 VoxelX GRAY = $0.002
  • Pre-sale period: April 20, 2018 – May 10, 2018
  • Pre-ICO token supply: 2,000,000,000
  • ICO sale period: May 20, 2018 – June 10, 2018
  • ICO trokjen supply: 2,500,000,000

Token Distribution and Bonus Program

As we have seen, the success of every ICO depends largely on the distribution of tokens as well as the bonus program. This is how VoxelX intends to distribute the 10 billion VoxelX GRAY tokens

  • 45% – token sale (20% for the private and pre-ICO sale and 25% for the ICO sale)
  • 25% – VoxelX foundation
  • 20% – VoxelX team and founders
  • 10% early investors and bonuses

Investors will enjoy the following bonuses, which are dependent the amount of VoxelX GRAY you buy.

20% Pre-ICO
1.25% >= 5 ETH
2.5% >= 15 ETH
3.75% >= 50 ETH
5% >= 100 ETH
7.5% >= 250 ETH
10% >= 500 ETH

All the purchases are final and upon the close of the crowd sale, the tokens that remain unsold will be destroyed.

Funds Allocation

Given that the ICO reaches the soft cap, the funds will be allocated as follows

  • Content building – 40%
  • Platform development – 35%
  • Marketing – 20%
  • Legal and contingency reserves – 5%

The Team

The team has been working together since 2009 and has already developed software for small practices. Dr. Waleed Ajabnoor, who is the founder and CEO and has ten years of experience in the medical field, heads the team behind VoxelX. Other team members include, Mahmoud Nabhan a DICOM developer, Mohammed Sharaf, a senior web developer and server administrator, and Yousef Albishi who worked in medical education and is an expert front-end developer.


VoxelX is one of the few companies committed to enhance better service delivery in the global health sector by bringing together professionals and learners together. Participating in the ICO will not only be a sound investment but it might save your life when you see a doctor for a various complications. Read more about the ICO on the whitepaper and follow the conversation on Telegram and Twitter. However, remember that you can only buy the VoxelX GRAY tokens from the official site and ANN

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