Dating On The Blockchain With DateCoin

DateCoin brings the blockchain to matchmaking services

DateCoin happens to be on of the first dating services in the world to have been using neural networks as well as artificial intelligent algorithms that are based upon working business model to do with blockchain use. They are a highly liquid utility token that has been based upon ERC-20 standard along with price rise mechanics having been put to work, it has been secured using the constantly growing active audience around the world. The DTC token is known for being a part of the dating same-name ecosystem.

Finding The Right Soulmate

The creators of DateCoin are hoping to apply cutting-edge technologies in order to create intelligent dating with a soulmate, or even with someone who happens to share some interests with the person looking. Basically, the main goal behind all of this is to make use of artificial intelligence as well as big data processing for a better experience. This will make it so that DTC is doing all of the work: looking into the preferences of users, going through contact history, etc. They are doing all of this in order to make sure that everyone is finding serious matches instead of having awkward conversations that seem silly.

Blockchain is going to be used in order to create an environment that is safe as well as to resolve any user identification and verification issues. With the use of distributed data technology users will have the sense of security that comes with accurately verified accounts. This means that users will not be worry about fake accounts and bots with DTC.

DateCoin infographic explaining core details

Discount & Special Features

With Projects MVP – online dating app Denim – having the current place of leadership in their grasp when it comes to the ever changing dating market in Russia, everyone will be finding happiness. The app revenue that was shown for the 2017 year was $2,5 mln, and over 700k of the users around the world have decided to join the app. They are going to be securing the token rate and growth after ICO. There is also data that shows an increase of 20 million joining this app within the next four years. A lot of those that do join are going to be buying tokens on the exchange in order to get access to the special features as well as the discounts associated with the DTC app.

Final Thoughts

DateCoin will be opening the door to better matches making use of cutting-edge technologies. With DTC users will have access to discounts and special features that can be found nowhere else, and users will also have the sense of security that comes from not having to worry about bots and fake accounts anymore.