In a bid to follow through with the mission of embracing the blockchain technology in its departments, the Government of Dubai is now implementing the technology into its court system. Being a global city of excellence, where millions of foreigners visit the city either as workers or tourists, the court serves a global jurisdiction which is much needed in the conservative Kingdom. The project is dubbed the “Court of Blockchain” and is aimed at streamlining legal activities using smart contracts and the Blockchain technology.

A Continuation Of The Blockchain Project For 2020

The Kingdom of Dubai has a long-term ambition to adopt the Blockchain technology in all its state transactions. In this regard, 2020 will see, according to the vision of Dubai, a 100% blockchain based government services. The ruling family is alive to the fact that this is no mean feat to achieve and therefore all the public departments are required to play their role and act independently but within the requirements. Therefore, there has been a number of independent Blockchain technology adoption projects that are slowly but steadily disrupting the conventional government operations.

For instance, in 2017, the Department of Immigration and Visas entered into a collaboration with ObjectTech-a UK based startup to manufacture digital passports and visas. The department had an aim of reducing time wastage in manual checkups at the Dubai International Airport. The hub is a major entry point into the country, and the ever-increasing numbers of passengers have made it be one of the busiest in the world (Over 88 million passengers as at the end of 2017). ObjectTech is tasked with incorporating biometrics into the blockchain technology to ease verification and make the process of passenger clearance faster and safer.

Additionally, the Department of Economic Development is aiming to beat the deadline. The DED is aiming to use the blockchain models to assist investors to enter and be part of the Dubai economy. This is to be achieved through partnership with IBM, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, and the Smart Dubai Initiative. To benefit from the economies of scale, the DED is also partnering with other government bodies. This project is aimed at positioning Dubai as the global investment hub, once the Oil rich nation runs out of its resources.

The Smart Dubai InitiativeThe Legal Blockchain Project

The Smart Dubai Initiative and the International Court of Dubai have will partner to constitute a task force that will develop a proper blockchain network. Afterward, the team will launch the project that will be used by different courts in sharing information that is vital for dispensing justice. It will be accessible to lawyers, attorneys, judges, the jury and sometimes the defendants and plaintiffs.

The 2020 Ambition

The Dubai Government is working towards being the most efficient in the world. The rulers are convinced that the blockchain technology is the key to a more efficient, and transparent public service delivery.

Additionally, the Blockchains will be a source and a host of secure data that will be free from manipulation, therefore, it will enable the government to make public policy decisions from an informed perspective.