The world has a new blockchain solution for personal digitalization. Known as the SelfSell, the blockchain will host an exchange platform that is dubbed the SelfDax. Developers in Singapore are alluding that this is the first of a kind and they believe that SelfDax will transform the way people digitize their assets.

The New Concept Of A Digitalized Individual Assets

Assigning a value to physical assets has long been a vital financial requirement for asset holder. In the age of Blockchain technology, there is a growing need to keep a comprehensive record of assets for easier liquidity transactions like selling, exchanging, or using the assets as security/collateral for loans.

SelfDax, is, therefore, offering individuals a platform that enables them to list their assets, digitize them on SCC token values and be able to transact them on a peer-to-peer basis.

From another perspective, the digital assets can also be created from talents or individual capabilities that value can be attached on the SelfDax platform.

How The Selfdax Network Works

SelfSell, the umbrella brand on which SelfDax is part of, has been developing various solutions using the Blockchain technology. SelfDax, thus, marks the end of a product matrix that has been having a focus on the formation of a vertical ecology for the digitization of personal value assets.

The concept of the SelfDax platform is such that the core pillars comprise of a Crypto exchange, a wallet, a financing and investment platform, and the main chain network. The features, therefore, form a premier personal digital asset exchange network that is unique and unparalleled. The project completion signifies the realization of a broader mission by SelfSell (SSC) to develop programs in phases. In this case, the unveiling of SelfDax marks the completion of phase one.

SelfDax offers an ecological network where individuals can; 1) Make free circulation of their valuable assets on a public ledger. 2) Give a personalized definition of their assets without relying on third parties or centralized network managers. 3) Digitize personal values. 4) Manage their assets 5) View digital assets market trends for investment decision making.

Through the solutions and on-platform services mentioned herein, the individuals can then exchange values with their peers in a peer-to-peer relationship. The transactions will be supported by the platform’s token, the SSC.

Like any other Blockchain ecosystem, the SelfDax platform is dedicated to proffering a stable, reliable, safe and convenient solutions for the trading of digitalized assets. The trading environment has three core characteristics which are timeliness, efficiency, and security for all users on a global scale. For the security aspect, SelfDax has a professional risk control team to ensure that the platform is free from cyber-attacks or system integrity breaches.

Other important features of SelfDax are the cold wallet and the synchronized SelfSell APP. The cold wallet allows users to store their information in their accounts that can be accessed even in offline circumstances. On the other hand, the SelfSell APP allows registered users of the SelfSell brand to directly access SelfDax and digitize their physical or soft (talent) assets.

With over a million registered users of the SelfSell APP, the SelfDax platform has, without doubt, a ready market.