mBit Casino Review – Play Bitcoin Slots and Casino Games Online

mBit Casino review

Traditionally, players exclusively used hard cash to gamble in casinos. With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, there was a need to accommodate players who use Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Initially, gambling and cryptocurrency enthusiasts didn’t have a secure and reliable platform to play.

Licensed by the Curacao government, mBit Casino allows players to gamble using major cryptocurrencies instead of money. With dozens of gaming websites, it’s hard to tell which ones are legit, and which ones are scams. This is where mBit comes in.

Privacy and Fun Gaming

mBit Casino is gaining popularity due to the unmatchable gaming experience that it offers. The platform prides itself in offering utmost anonymity to players. One of the standout features about this platform is its bonus scheme.

As soon as you register, you get welcomed with exclusive bonuses, which allow you to start enjoying the platform’s gaming experience. mBit Casino has an interactive and navigable website, which showcases everything that the site has to offer.

mBit Casino review

You will find the typical casino and gambling games including Blackjack, Video Slots, Table Games, Keno, and Roulette. A unique feature known as “Live Dealers” is meant for those who are in search of games that feature hot live dealers. Here, you can pick a live dealer of your choice.

Exclusive Gaming

The casino experience offered by mBit Casino isn’t just for everyone. For instance, the casino doesn’t permit gamers from the U.S. and Britain to play the live casino games. Fortunately, you can easily bypass this restriction by using VPN software to mask your IP address to that you play just like anyone else.

Other than playing on this virtual casino, members can bet on their favourite teams to win money from ongoing games. mBit Casino has a sportsbook feature, which allows you to bet on games from different sporting events such as American Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, and soccer.

Incredibly, you can also predict the outcome of political events such as elections. If your favourite candidate wins an election, you will also win Bitcoins. Live betting on this platform accepts Bitcoin funds only. Since mBit is an online casino, you don’t need to worry about downloading its app to play games.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Bitcoins on mBit Casino

You need a Bitcoin wallet for you to deposit Bitcoins to your mBit Casino Bitcoin address. Depending on the number of Bitcoins that you are depositing in your account, the funds will reflect in around 30 minutes. The casino’s minimum deposit is 2mBTC.

mBit Casino review

mBit Casino only accepts Euros and Bitcoins. In case you do not have any Bitcoins at hand, you can purchase them via third-party sellers who accept money for Bitcoins. Likewise, it is easy to withdraw Bitcoins from mBit to your wallet. You simply need to make a withdrawal request on your mBit account dashboard.


Thanks to mBit Casino, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can gamble just like anyone else. What makes this platform exciting is the fact that privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. The risk of losing your coins is also negligible.