Cryptocurrency online wallets are designed to run on cloud; users can access them via different platforms and devices, which have a connection to the internet. There are critical aspects that you need to pay a lot of attention to when it comes to your crypto wallet.

Hot and Cold wallets: The difference between these two is that hot wallet usually connects to the internet, and consists of all online and desktop wallets. However, cold wallets function without internet connectivity and include hardware devices and paper wallets. You can utilize the two options as the situation arises.


It remains an important consideration for your online wallet. Security largely depends on the type of wallet and service provider that you have chosen to use. Irrespective of this, taking precautions helps in securing your online wallet. Some of these precautions include:

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Backup System

You can keep just some small amounts of the currency in your desktop or mobile device. Some of the security types include cold storage. An example of a cold storage backup can be your USB which could also protect your data and assets in the event of computer malfunctions. Again, backup is needed as most hot wallets are prone to hackers.

Regular Software Updates

Updates are important as they serve to intercept a problem before it happens. Updating on a regular basis ensures that all your security interfaces are up-to-date and current. While updating your wallet software, it is also advisable to update your mobile or computer software to enhance compatibility.

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Safety of Assets

Many cryptocurrency investor know how unsafe and risky it can be to keep your valuable assets are in exchanges such as Coinbase or Bittrex. Although they serve a useful purpose, there are instances when these types of exchanges have either closed or infiltrated by hackers. It is risky and more so, because cryptocurrencies are not insured, hence they aren’t legally bound to compensate you in case of loss.

Different Browsers

An easy way for hackers to infiltrate and steal your data is through browser extensions. The best approach to beat this security lapse is to use different browsers whenever you want to access your cryptocurrency online wallets.

Keys Protection

Protection of your private keys is essential.  Losing them is equivalent to losing your digital assets. Based on this fact, it is of paramount importance to make sure that you keep the keys safe. For example you can write them down on a piece of paper or store them in one of your private email.


Your online wallet’s safety and security is important to your prosperity. Enhancement and boosting of your systems of operation help to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

One of the ways to ensure utmost security is to have small change as petty cash in your mobile or computer and to store the rest in high-security environments where data and assets cannot be lost or stolen. More importantly, make sure that your preferred cryptocurrency online wallets are updated at all times to prevent any hacking attempts.