GoChain makes it easier for households to lower their energy costs

GoChain acts as a scalable, smart contract blockchain that is based on Ethereum. It is known for being safe, very fast, and green. It allows the DApp and smart contract creators to lift and shift out of Ethereum to GoChain in order to see 100x higher results. With the platform being based upon a fork of Ethereum, it is going to be able to support any Ethereum wallets that are open source as well as other tools. This will all help in making it simple to start something up with this platform.

This platform is a high performance, cost-efficient, as well as a decentralized cryptocurrency & blockchain which supports smart contracts as well as distributed applications. Of course, all of this has helped in earning this platform a lot of popularity.

Decentralized App Platform

GoChain has a lot to offer, including a public cryptocurrency. With this platform everyone will be able to create decentralized applications as well as great smart contracts. This platform is completely compatible with the current Ethereum wallets, smart contracts, and many other types of tools. The transactions are even pretty fast, as well as the platform being energy efficient.

You will see that open decentralization did not go over as it was supposed to, and this is because over 70% of mining happens to be in China and the bigger portion of it is run by a couple of companies. This platform makes it so that the nodes are in different countries, and so that they are regulated by unrelated individuals/companies. The goal is to become 10x more decentralized.

Using Less Energy

This platform is going to be supporting a very high amount of transactions along with very speedy verifications. Ethereum is only able to process 13 transactions in every second. GoChain is going to be targeting 1300 transactions in every second. The goal behind this is to be doing 100x more transactions every second.

You will find that the energy that is used in order to run the Bitcoin network is enough energy to supply over 3.5 million U.S. households with the power that they need, 1 million for the Ethereum. Of course, this platform finds that to be a not so good amount of energy needed and used. GoChain is going to be using a way smaller portion of the energy that is used in order to run the other cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to use 1000x less energy with all of this.

Final Thoughts

GoChain is a platform is high performance, as well as being cost-efficient. This platform makes everything simple, and it is easy to see how they have become so popular in such a short amount of time with the amount of benefits they offer their clients and those that use the platform.