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Bitwala Review

Bitwala is a cryptocurrency company which offers payment solutions to crypto owners. Bitwala offers to make fast, unlimited and reliable huge payments of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this company has a large variety of more than 20 currencies which you can use to exchange your cryptocurrencies with. Here is a complete Bitwala review;

What is Bitwala?

Bitwala is an online payment platform that promises to send and receive money at a reliable and fast rate. This company is based in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

With the help of Bitwala, you can quickly pay all your international freelancers, employees and suppliers. Bitwala processes its payments within two hours. What’s more – their transaction fee is not exorbitant.

Features of Bitwala

Quick International Payments

Bitwala will settle your invoices within a record time of two hours. With Bitwala, you can expect quick payments regardless of the country in which you are in.

Multi-currency Accounts

Bitwala is capable of dealing with over 20 FIAT and SEPA currencies and 44 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they have an all-inclusive fee of 0.5% regardless of the type of currency which you will use to transact.

Debit Cards

Bitwala will assist you to generate a corporate debit card which you can use to settle all your expenses anywhere in the world. You are just required to only top up the card. Also, these cards can be used either offline or online.

Bitwala Review


You can easily use the Bitwala platform in more than 200 countries all over the world.

No Limits On the Amount of Money You Can Transfer

Bitwala works with both large and small businesses. There are no limits whatsoever on the amount of money you can transact.

Expenditure Tracking

Bitwala will offer you an overview of how you have used your money. With the assistance of Bitwala, you can track all your payments and expenses.

Open API

Bitwala has an open API. With it, you can freely build your software on its online platform.

Mass Payments

Bitwala supports mass payments. What’s more – the process is fast and efficient. You just upload a single file on their online platform.

Bitwala Review

Who Owns Bitwala?

Bitwala is made up of a team of 12 people who have nine distinct nationalities. Notable members include Ben Jones (CTO) and Jan Goslicki (COO).   You can get more information on this team by visiting the about us page of the company’s website.

Bitwala has also received numerous awards. For instance; it was the runners up for the Best Fintech Start Up, a competition organized by the Pioneers Festival in 2016. In fact, Bitwala defeated about 3500 companies all over the world.


This Bitwala Review denotes that the company is arguably the best cryptocurrency online payment platform globally. Its significant benefits include modest transaction fees, debit cards, and an expenditure tracking system.

Bitwala is available to both small and large businesses all over the world. As asserted by the CEO of Bitwala, Von Minckwitz, “Bitwala was built on the importance of having financial freedom and the possibility to live off of Bitcoin exclusively.”