XAPO Review – Superior Bitcoin Wallet & Vault

XAPO review

There are many places where you can buy Bitcoins. Nonetheless, your investment will only be safe if the company that you are buying from is reputable, safe, and secure. Xapo is one of the best companies to buy Bitcoins from. The Hong Kong-based company allows you to buy, store, manage, spend, and transact your Bitcoins.

Xapo is a secure Bitcoin wallet system, which operated via browsers. Nonetheless, the wallet system uses offline servers that are not connected to the Internet. Therefore, Xapo has a competitive advantage over other wallet systems since its gateway procedures are more secure.

For convenience purposes, Xapo provides an array of Bitcoin-related services to its users. These include a cold storage vault, a Bitcoin web wallet, and a debit card. The debit card, in particular, allows you to spend your Bitcoins easily. Therefore, you are guaranteed better convenience and accessibility as far as using your Bitcoins is concerned. Here’s are some of the most outstanding features of Xapo.

The Xapo Vault

Arguably, one of the most outstanding features of Xapo is its Vault. Xapo Vault works just like typical savings accounts. This is where you can move your Bitcoins whenever you want to hold onto them for a while.

XAPO review

Figure 2: Xapo’s Swiss Mountain Bitcoin Vault

Besides the security offered by the vault, transferring funds from your Xapo online wallet to the vault is easy. When withdrawing Bitcoins from the vault, there are multiple security layers meant to verify your request. Once your withdrawal request gets approved, the funds will be transferred to your Xapo online wallet within 48 hours.

Top-Notch Security

The Xapo online wallet and the vault have outstanding security features, which are meant to safeguard your coins. Notable security features of the vault include private key segmentation capability and multi-factor authentication.

Whenever users transfer funds from their Xapo wallets to the vault, the coins will be moved to offline computers. After that, data will get encrypted before it gets copied to external drives. Backups will then get stored in physical vaults located in different places. The elaborate security measures protect your coins from possible attacks.

Fees Charged

In as much as members can use Xapo vault and the Xapo wallet for free, all transactions are charged. Nonetheless, transferring funds between Xapo wallets is free. When you send or receive Bitcoins from other wallets or bank accounts, a transaction fee of 0.02% will apply. Similarly, processing fees may come into play based on the payment method used.

Xapo similarly charges debit card fees including a one-off payment of $20, which covers the cost of the debit card. If you change your debit card PIN, you will incur a charge of $1. Making purchases is a currency that is different from your debit card’s spending currency will attract a foreign exchange purchase fee of 3%.

XAPO review

Figure 3: Xapo Fees


Xapo is one of the best Bitcoin wallet systems that you will find anywhere. It combines the convenience of a typical Bitcoin wallet with the premium security of a cold storage security vault to ensure the utmost safety of your coins.