Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Is Now Ready For Trading

Bitcoin Cash

Local.Bitcoin.com has been anticipated for a very long time. Finally, it has now been made available to people. As at the moment, it is possible for anyone across the globe to use the service to trade Bitcoin Cash in a secure manner.

A huge number of traders have been able to create accounts since the pre-launch sign-ups were announced about a month ago. Currently, there are more than 2,200 active offers that are up for grabs.

Get Ready To Trade BCH Peer-to-Peer

The team behind this new service has had sleepless nights trying to come up with the best service. It has been working hard to ensure that the Bitcoin Cash private peer-to-peer trading platform is launched within real time.

The company believes that Bitcoin Cash has the capacity and means to offer each international citizen with economic freedom.

How This Platform Will Help Further

In addition to that, they are also focused in assisting to liberate them from the shackles of today’s manipulated economies that people live with currently.

In a great contrast to the fiat that is issued by the government, the BCH network is a decentralized and peer-to-peer cash system. It moves beyond the borders and can greatly assist the world to enjoy a brand new monetary freedom.

As a way of honoring the Tiananmen Square protests’ 30th anniversary, the platform opted to launch the over-the-counter marketplace on the 4th of June.

How To Get Started

Signing up to use this service is so easy and does not take minutes. There is a special trading platform’s signup page that is designed for those who want to witness the action live on the BCH marketplace.

Signing up

A username and a password will be created for the exchange before a private key is generated to be used offline. All the things are encrypted using a special system that even create a stretched version of the user’s password. This is done to make sure that the company has no type of access to the customer’s wallet.

The whole process is entirely noncustodial. After the signup process is done, the system will then send in a confirmation email to make the customers access the settings of the account and even create the trades.

Free Cryptocurrency Trading

The fact that Local.Bitcoin.com is an amazing noncustodial service means a lot to the customers. They are now able to trade with the fellow traders without having to pay anything.

With the blind escrow system of the Local.Bitcoin.com, nobody will be able to touch the customer’s money. It is also possible for the company to spend the money that are kept in escrow. The escrow makes it easy for both the parties to finish up a trade on their own. This works different from the OTC services, which are the main competitors to Local.Bitcoin.com.

In the OTC services, the escrow is held by the third party for a reduced period of time. Local.Bitcoin.com is also ready to solve all the disputes that may arise.