Between the 7th to the 8th of November 2018, a big event in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market will go down in St. Petersburg. This is none other than the Blockchain Life Conference, which has caused some excitement in the entire market. With some of the best world speakers expected to address the attendants, this event has so far stood out both in Russia and Europe.

According to the organizers of this event, more than 5000 attendants drawn from more than 70 countries have shown an interest in attending the two-day conference. Among the people who will grace the Blockchain Life International Forum in 2018 November are Initial Coin Offering developers, issuers, Cryptocurrencies miners as well as a host of other capitalists in the entire market of virtual coins. Basically, this event will offer a platform for both beginners and professionals who are in the market of digital coins, to enable them to interact and share various important ideas.

The world speakers who would grace this event are expected to give detailed information on some of the projects they have been able to work on and grow. This will be carried on through demonstrations from real figures or case studies obtained from Return on Investments for a particular Cryptocurrency startup.

The Target Audience

• The Investors

The first expected attendants to this great event are the investors who are operating in the entire Cryptocurrency market. They will be able to get basics into some of the promising and fundamental projects that have been carried on in the world of virtual coins.

• The Cryptocurrency Miners

These are the second type of audience expected to greatly benefit from this world event. One of the main issues that have been affecting some of the established crypto coins such as Bitcoin is the efficiency and energy.
Miners who have booked their chances at this 2-day event would be able to learn more about some of the latest machinery and equipment used in this fast-growing market.

• The Initial Coin Offering Projects

Before an ICO is fully launched; there are so many challenges that Cryptocurrency key holders normally go through. For that reason, attending this great event will give the attendees know-how of handling the entire process of issuing an Initial Coin Offering.

In addition to that, the event will also give some insights on how to drive the ICO from its main funding phase.

Speech from Wu Xing

If you weren’t planning to attend this event, then it would be better to reconsider that decision as Senior Director at Huobi Pro; Wu Xing is expected to give a speech at the conference.

The speech by Wu Xing at this event will be directed towards making the attendants learn much about the digital coin and blockchain technology, with the main emphasis on the analysis of trading trend. Blockchain Life 2018 has also attracted some great sponsors who will ensure the event runs smoothly.

As you must be aware, all the international attendants at this event would need a Russian visa to visit the country. Check here to see how you can get a visa for Russia and other incentives. You can also organize your accommodation well in advance here, and get 25% discount.