As stated by Taylor Monahan, Ethereum is in the middle of a gas crisis. The MyCrypto CEO, on Twitter this week, reminded users of the ideal practices for setting transaction costs when utilizing the second hugest blockchain the globe. These words of worry are justified because of the continually changing circumstances on the network, there is a probability that individuals making use of this startup wallet software are paying excess for transactions.

Overall, users of ethereum spend $2.7 million or 5,826 ether on Monday for sending transactions. According to the network data available, this is the highest it has ever being. The one responsible for this is a solitary exchange known as FCoin. It is based in China and seems to be clogging the blockchain with a debatable business model.

It’s great to remember how gas functions, what it is, why it is crucial and why this condition is not needed. This was as stated by a tweet from Monahan.

The cost of gas, which is effectively what is paid by users to utilize the network, varies depending on demand. And that demand seems to be rising to extraordinary heights.  In the month of December, CryptoKitties, a well-known game for cat breeding, overwhelmed the network.  The accumulated gas cost at that period was lower than half of the new levels attained this week.

The state has since been fixed. Costs of transaction, although still not low, have stabilized in comparison to Monday’s increase. Nonetheless, developers are still discovering methods to ascertain that there is an improvement in volatility.

The Gas Attacks

One player is FCoin, as stated by Monahan. FCoin which is an exchange based in China has formerly attained attention as a result of its new revenue model which has to do with the distribution of free tokens to users carrying out trades on the platform. As elaborated by CoinDesk, this model has proven its recognition. This is because last month, it directed the exchange to 24 trading highs of over $5 billion. This is a figure that greatly surpasses the leading exchanges on the CoinMarketCap collectively.

The Network Solutions

But irrespective of the FCoin’s actions, developers are stressing that there are methods to enhance the condition for every user, regardless of if that usage is criticized.

On the current enhanced gas fee, I am not in agreement with the condemnation that has to do with spam transactions. This was according to a tweet from Georgios Konstantopoulos. Spam transactions don’t exist. If an individual pays the fee required, then the transaction cannot be classified as a spam.

As a result of this, there is work being carried out that can enhance the circumstance, both in the long and short-term.

The Broader Picture

Nonetheless, in a dialogue with CoinDesk, Afri Schoedon, a manager of communications at Parity, stated that the core conversation is the larger problem of sealing ethereum to tally with the demand of users.

He also added that generally, the gas price market is a great thing, but theoretically, the truth is that what clients can process is limited.