BCH Devs Publish The Initial 3 Of 3 Multi-Sig Schnorr Transactions

Bitcoin Cash

On the 15th of May, 2019, Bitcoin Cash Network underwent a successful upgrade when it implemented the Schnorr signatures. Later on, there are some hosts of developers that were able to process the basic Schnorr signatures. On 18th May, the first multi-sig Schnorr signatures were performed by a host of software developers. They included Checksum0, Mark Lunderberg, as well as Chris Pacia. The funds were later sent to the Freeross.org.

A Multi-Sig Schnorr Operation That Has P2PKH Output

This weekend, Chris Pacia announced the first three-of-three multi-signature in a Pays To PubKey Hash output. Pacia is the force behind the development of Bchd and Openbazaar full nodes. The two main developers, Mark Lundeberg and Checksum0 assisted in the process of transaction and the funds were later transferred to the Ross Ulbricht defense fund. Basically, the transaction is a donation to Free Ross, and the proof is then published within a very short time. According to a confirmation message for the transaction, Bitcoin Cash is all about giving other individuals freedom to make their own informed decisions. They are enabled to pursue their own happiness and choose to live life as they see fit.

The Transactions That Are Privacy-Enhancing

Based on the recent block 582680, the Bitcoin Cash chain had been able to implement the new Schnorr sig features, introducing the primary characteristics of Schnorr to the market. The Bitcoin Cash developers, through the help of another future Schnorr upgrade, were able to put into use the aggregation of the public signature and the concepts of complicated sign-to-contract. It is believed that public signature aggregation could assist in bolstering scaling as well as other trivial smart contract concepts such as Taproot and Graftroot. The later could be used in increasing the privacy feature of the whole BCH network. However, there are still a number of amazing applications that can take place anytime from now. They include features such as atomic swaps as well as the hidden payment channels. This also included the 3 of the 3 multi-sig P2PKH service output that was undertaken by the three main developers. Mark Lundeberg, in another great instance, showed a Schnorr signature operation on one of the leading social media platforms. This new feature highlighted the attributes of the Schnorr privacy-enhance features.


The Developer’s Statement On Twitter

While giving hid illustration on the social media platform Twitter, Lundeberg asked if a typical Schnorr-signed operation is a closure of a secret payment channel. He also asked if a number of parties and stakeholders signed to make it as efficient as it is currently. He also went ahead to ask if a secret atomic swap took place. Lastly, the developer sought to know if he had just sent coins in a sort of unpleasant txt.

More Privacy For The Win

The entire Bitcoin Cash network was so happy to hear about the news of the Schnorr multi-sig operations that were sent to the Freeross.org. According to Emergent Reasons, more privacy for the win.