Tom Lee, the only key strategist in Wall Street to administer bitcoin price targets, communicated to CNBC that he forces the largest cryptocurrency in the world getting above $20,000 for each unit by year-end. He reported this surprising news on Thursday, as this is 20 percent lower than his prior evaluation.

Bitcoin Price Target Analysis by Tom Lee: 20 Percent Lower than the Initial

Historically, Bitcoin has transacted at more than 2 time its cost of mining. It is not impossible that it could surpass $20,000 at year’s end at fair value. This was stated on Squawk Box by the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors.

This is less than the past year-end prediction capped at $25,000 by Lee. But he emphasized that investors should not object over some thousand dollars due to the fact that any return getting to $20,000 would be around 200 percent greater than present levels which are about $6,000 in early trading on Thursday based on a CoinDesk data.

At $6,000, Bitcoin prices have gone back to the slum in April, which noted the cease of a slide from almost $20,000 in the last-minutes of 2017.  Since its latest increase in May, which was about $9,800, around 30 percent has been lost by Bitcoin.

Tom Lee Remains Undeterred

Nonetheless, Lee is still undeterred. Bitcoin looks great here is because of the price of mining about $7,000 completely loaded. And the struggle is rising, so by year-end, it will be $9,000.

Miners of crypto utilize high powered computers which make use of a large amount of electricity to finish a sequence of complicated calculations to produce a bitcoin. The protocol of bitcoin calls for a limited amount of bitcoins capped at 21 million of which around 80 percent has been produced already.

Asides from Lee, Tim Draper an investment mogul also affirms his faith in the better and bigger future of Bitcoin.

Chief Equity Strategist of J.P Morgan’s Research

J.P Morgan’s chief equity strategist, from the year 2007 to 2014, known as Lee, stated that blockchain and bitcoin, its underlying technology, is a story of numerous decades that is still in the beginning phases of conversion.

“In the 1990s, I carried out a wireless research and saw 20 years of internet and mobile merging. To me, this is a bit similar in terms of the way the industry has transformed along the line,” he stated.

Are Bitcoin Investors Bothered?

Tom Lee does not appear to be bothered. Nonetheless, the recent Bitcoin price target stated by Tom Lee may have surprised a few individuals. This is because Lee did not deviate from his analysis in all the years that he has discussed Bitcoin, even when the price of Bitcoin reduced while the Consensus conference of 2018 was ongoing. He is known for his dedication to the market, so it is no surprise that people are shocked.


Does Tom Lee’s Bitcoin price target slash bother you? Or, do you support his opinion that Bitcoin is still in the beginning phases of conversion and there is nothing to worry about over a few thousand dollars in an industry that is currently worth billions of dollars.