Over the last few weeks, social media sites and search engine such as Google released statements that they were planning to block all ads that were meant to advertise ICO. Twitter was left out but the recent brief shut down of the popular @Bitcoin account sent shivers down the spine of millions of people from all across the globe who have invested in crypto.

According to a statement made by the company, the account was briefly hacked by a user who claimed to be from Turkey. Minutes later, another user who claimed to be from Russia and this triggered the company to suspect the account briefly pending investigations about the ownership of the account.

The account was later given back to the legit owner on Monday afternoon. Twitter spokesperson said that the company does not comment on individual accounts and so they had nothing to share with the eager masses who suspected that the move was a sign that the social media site was planning to block crypto currency related accounts.

The real owner of the account has however come out guns blazing asking why his account was given to an illegitimate owner and when it was reinstated, more than 750,000 followers were missing. Surprisingly, the account had more than 821,000 followers before it was suspended or rather disappeared from the radar.

It is no secret that the mysterious suspension triggers numerous myths and theories among bitcoin community members, as @Bitcoin is a well-known support of Bitcoin Cash, commonly known as Bcash. Bitcoin Cash is believed to have been formed by a group of miners, tech developers and other members of the large bitcoin community. But, they later decided to separate in August 2017.

Reports indicate that the group argued about the issues related with creating new digital currencies and duplicating the existing bitcoin blockchain in a bid to expand the network.

There is also a rumor that Bitcoin Core, one of the major competitors and enemy of Bitcoin Cash reported @Bitcoin as a scam account to Twitter citing harassment thereby forcing the management team to temporary suspend the account.

It is also important to note that @Bitcoin account has had its fair share of drama and accusation on the site. Just this January, a user reported the account and even went ahead to rally people to report it as a fake @Bitcoin account. The move was not successful though as only a handful of people believed the story. Just like most discussions about Bitcoin online, it is not easy to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying.

As noted by Verge, the most important thing to note is that the twitter account @Bitcoin is now fully active and managed by the real owner.