OPP Open WIFI is developing a blockchain solution that will bring together over 25 million individuals who will provide data for other people to use. This will eventually lead to the formation of a WIFI hotspot that will be beneficial to all users with smartphones and an installed OPP Open WIFI application.



Token Symbol: OPP
Price of token: 1 OPP Token = 0.4USD
Accepted Currencies: TBA
Total Tokens: 4,000,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
Type of Token: ERC20
Presale Dates: Complete
Crowdsale Dates: July 1 to September 14
Fundraising Goal: $40 million

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OPP OPEN WIFI3The Background

The world Data market is ever increasing as most people are increasingly buying data bundles to access the web. However, most users barely exhaust their data allowance, and the data ends up being lost in the expiry of the deal. This not only impacts the financial status of the data buyers but also of the Internet Providers books of accounts as data sales may reduce over time as people try to curb wastage.

The OPP Open WIFI is providing a solution to this problem. The blockchain allows people to register on the blockchain, download the OPP Open WIFI app, select the bandwidth quantity to donate and earn the OPP tokens. On the other hand, the data users can download the app. When they turn on their WIFI feature on their smartphone, the OPP Open WIFI will then allow them to access data for browsing the web. Additionally, data users can also access the WIFI through routers from the developers; this is ideal for multiple users, homes, businesses, or even public institutions like parks.

How It Works

A data donor decides the amount to donate. The OPP Open WIFI app then activates a mobile hotspot function on the smartphone that displays an available WIFI for access.

Setting up the hotspot is rewarded with OPP tokens which can be exchanged for other tokens or fiat money in the Crypto Exchange wallets.

Ways of Earning the OPP Tokens

Besides sharing unused data, the blockchain users can also be rewarded for viewing push messages from marketing firms and referring the Open WIFI to other users. This is a sure way of guaranteeing maximum benefit to users and assigning a proportionate value to mining transactions (on-platform activities).

Characteristics of the OPP Open WIFI

Decentralized. The blockchain is powered by individual bandwidth hotspots.

Smart Contract Integration. This is the basis for interactions and conduct in on platform transactions such as voting for consensus, peer to peer OPP transfer, etc. Also known as the self-executing contract, it allows all users to benefit from the model.

OPP Exchange.

The Team

Martin Regan- the entrepreneur and CEO- is leading a competent and skilled team of individuals from various backgrounds such as computer security, accounts, marketing, technology. This team is assisted by a group of directors from relevant backgrounds.



The OPP Open WIFI blockchain is allowing mobile phone users to provide hotspots for other internet users to benefit from. This will enable people to monetize their unused data and also enable internet users to get affordable WIFI from any point in the world.