Ingot- First Fully Integrated Digital Wallet

INGOT has been in the financial industry since 1993, they have played a central role in providing investors with opportunities, and as technology has progressed, they have stayed on course to provide groundbreaking solutions. INGOT is company looking to provide a crypto coin that will fully integrate a wallet with a digital bank, exchange, brokerage, ICO accelerator, and a certifier. All of these are integrated in a perceptive ecosystem that will reward consumers and token holders for using and contributing to it.

The INGOT coin is decentralized and it will provide discounts and benefits within the ecosystem. It has 26 partners to ensure the success of the INGOT Coin, and they have an ICO to fund the next milestone in their portfolio of financial services.

INGOT Token Features

  • Token name: INGOT Coin (IC) Token
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Payout: IC tokens will be sent to your ETH wallet
  • Total Tokens Distributed: 120,000,000 IC
  • Pre-ICO period: May 1 – June 30, 2018
  • ICO sale period: July 1 – August 11, 2018
  • Soft cap: $37,000,000
  • Hard cap: $90,000,000
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, XRP, Ripple, Fiat, and others

Bonuses and Token Distribution

ICO Phase Limit Bonus rate for above 10000 IC Bonus rate for below 10000 IC
Ruby (May) 1,800,000 35% 30%
Emerald (June) 1,400,000 30% 25%
Sapphire (July week 1) 1,200,000 25% 20%
Diamond (July week 2) 1,000,000 20% 15%
Platinum (July week 3) 1,000,000 15% 10%
Gold (July week 4) 1,000,000 10% 5%
Silver (August week 1) 1,000,000 5% 0%
Bronze (August week 2) None 0% 0%

Should the tokens allocated to the crowd sale remain, they will enter a burning program as stipulated in the smart contract. However, in order to meet their soft and hard cap targets, INGOT will distribute the minted tokens as follows

  • Public – 75%
  • Early backers – 7%
  • Bounty program – 5%
  • Team – 5%
  • Advisors – 4%
  • Founder – 4%

50% of the tokens allocated to the founder, team, and the advisors will be locked by the smart contracts. For the founder the lock period will be 18 months, advisors will be 3 months, and 12 months for the team.

Funds Allocation

After the attainment of the caps, INGOT will allocate the funds as follows

  • 23% – Digital Bank
  • 22% – Liquidity Fund
  • 18% – Brokerage
  • 11% – Reserve
  • 10% – Exchange Wallet
  • 8% – Legal, PR, and Consultation
  • 5% – Crypto Certifier
  • 3% – Accelerator

The Team

Iman Mutlaq is the founder of INGOT Coin alongside H.E Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa, who is also the chairperson of INGOT Consultation Bahrain. INGOT’s CEO is Ali Shibib. The other senior members of the team include a CFO, a CMO, CRO, and a CSO. The junior members of the team include an art director, a marketing manager, an ICO strategist, a customer services manager, 5 community managers, 2 business analysts, an events manager, a financial analyst, a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a graphics and motion designer, a business development manager, among others. INGOT also has a 13-member advisory board versed in various disciplines.

Final Verdict

With the world embracing digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, INGOT has the perfect ecosystem to mesh traditional financial services with cryptocurrencies. Read more about their technology on their whitepaper and subscribe to the token sale on their official website and ANN. You can also learn more about INGOT and their ICO by being part of the conversation on Twitter and Telegram.

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