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ChangeNOW is a project expected to revolutionize the Cryptocurrency exchange sector by providing a simple and convenient exchange platform for any virtual currency. The exchange will also provide users with more capabilities as there is no limit to the number of coin swaps.

Cryptocurrencies and their accompanying services are relatively new and come with various usability issues. For the inexperienced users, they find it challenging to deal with issues like keys, and addresses. However, an intuitive interface is crucial for the success of the industry. ChangeNOW is determined to address this by using simpler technology and enhancing user experience.

ChangeNow Token


Symbol: NOW
Type: ERC20 token
Private sale Begins: July 2018
Total tokens available: 200,000,000 NOW
Max investment per person: $500,000

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ChaneNOW Token Airdrop

Common Challenges With The Current Exchanges And Why ChangeNOW Is important

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency popularity has mainly been driven by decentralization. However, although the industry focusses on decentralization, there are many centralized players like exchanges that hold a lot of money putting the users’ funds at risk. ChangeNOW is working towards decentralizing the sector and giving the users’ more control over their funds.

Despite the promise by most projects to address security challenges, the fact that many of them store a lot of funds make them attractive to hackers. Some have been victims losing Cryptocurrencies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Even when they are secure, any human error or technology glitch may lead to huge losses. ChangeNOW has gone through various penetration tests to ensure it has perfect security. The use of the best technologies helps in reducing the chances of human error.

Although Cryptocurrencies have been embraced because of their transparency promise; the same is not replicated in operations and transactions. A lack of transparency is evident in most services leading to distrust, the possibility of fraud, and driving new customers away. ChangeNOW will ensure there is transparency in all important steps in the operations and implementation.

ChangeNow Exchange

How ChangeNOW Works

ChangeNOW is a platform that is different from the other exchanges as it requires no registration and has no limits. Transactions on the platform will take about five minutes. You begin by selecting the currency that you want to exchange and the one you want to exchange to. If you are comfortable with the amount of the other currency, you proceed to the next step.

You enter your wallet address of the new currency. If you don’t have one, you can create one with the company’s partner services. If all the information is correct, confirm the transaction. ChangeNOW will then generate a deposit address that you will send your Cryptocurrency to. The exchange will then proceed and consider the best rate on the ten integrated exchanges and send you your preferred Cryptocurrency within a few days.

ChangeNOW On Social Media

ChangeNOW is present on Twitter where it interacts with potential investors and users. The platform has been essential in assisting the exchange to reach more people. The company uses the social media network to communicate important details about the project. Twitter provides the public with a platform to engage the company by asking important questions.


ChangeNOW strongly believes in the need to transform the way people exchange Cryptocurrencies by providing a platform without lengthy registration and limits and other benefits. The project has high chances of succeeding and therefore a good investment opportunity.